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will never get over Jubei’s L’oreal-tier hair

Was going through scans of the ArcSys Anniversary book for the umpteenth time when I saw this.

It switched wrists, but as a child Ragna still seems to wear the medical-like bracelet he had when Jubei first brought the siblings to the church. It might even be the “silver bracelet” that’s listed in Ragna’s bio as a thing he values.

Phase Shift Black Beast is the best Black Beast IMO

The Black Beast depicted in the games is monstrous alright, and I liked the neat touch it had in the CS flashback with all of its heads looking different and having forked tails, but I really really loved the Black Beast in PS2 and PS4. It seems less like an organic creature than something of smoke or mist. To me, it doesn’t look merely monstrous; it looks otherworldly. Not really horrific in the same sense as, say, Arakune, but something very eerie and unnatural. (And then it eats its way through several cities with no sign of stopping and it does become horrific.)

It’s not something you can fight with conventional weapons. To better fight the Black Beast, Nine had to end up making another Black Beast, and it still took two years to beat the fucker down.

The second picture is probably one of my favorite pictures from the novels. Dat Hakumen, dat Black Beast, dat use of light and shadow.



your favorite part in full color

I said I wouldn’t reblog this every time I saw it but sorry, I lied

what this photoset fails to convey about this scene is that it’s literally like 5 solid pages of increasingly compromising positions and lovingly-drawn awkward groping and I can’t get over it

I know this question can be asked a lot regarding Jojo’s but what exactly is happening here

Okay, I finished Penny Dreadful. My mom asked me if I wanted to finish the season, so I guess she didn’t feel that uncomfortable after all?

Somehow I felt less awkward during the demon possession scenes than I was with the Ethan/Dorian pre-sex scene, but then again, I was fervently hoping she didn’t start the gay porn conversation again with me. I tiptoe around the subject ever since my mom found my stash of porn and asked me if I wanted to be a boy (because I…jerk off to dudes fucking other dudes? I don’t know!).


Rupicola rupicola (by jquental)
*Guianan Cock of the Rock


Rupicola rupicola (by jquental)

*Guianan Cock of the Rock


I’m not sure which is better, the question or the response

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I did it. All eight episodes, it was actually fine. We both made bad jokes and felt terrible for people together.

Then your mom is much more chill than mine lol. After the third episode, my mom turned to me and asked me what the hell she was watching.

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