BBCP arcade mode transcriptions are done, though I’m debating adding the ending CGs to the ending bits. I’ll try to finish win quotes next week.


Vietnamese Mossy Frog

They are known to be ventriloquists, as they can “throw” their voices. To complete its disguise as inanimate vegetation, it tucks in its limbs and “plays dead” when startled. As you can see from photos, no two mossy frogs ever look exactly the same.


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BBCP ending spoilers

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From Mori’s twitter.

From Mori’s twitter.

I am not really into Guilty Gear and her underboob bothers me, but Ramlethal’s smiles are so WONDERFUL in all their spike-toothed glory. ahhhhhhh and I really like the contrast between her hair and skin tone but her teeth are the main selling point for me.

you’re seriously a goddamn BlazBlue hero

Thank you! I mainly do it for myself because fuck checking the game when I want to know something from arcade, I’ll just type them all up at once and pat myself on the back. Though holy shit 676 win quotes. Extend only had 361.

Very much a WIP (some of the arcade mode stories I have up aren’t completely finished) but I’m compiling them at deadspike on DW.

Very, very slowly working on arcade mode and win quote transcriptions…

26 arcade modes, most of which aren’t up on youtube = pain

A total of 676 win quotes (!!!) to trigger and write down = more pain

bits of saboten con interview with evangelion voice actors



YM: Yuko Miyamura, voices Asuka

TG: Tiffany Grant, voices Asuka

SS: Spike Spencer, voices Shinji

JS: John Swasey, voices Gendo

Q: Who do you feel Shinji should end up with?
TG: I’d say Mari but I don’t like her.
SS: Misato.
JS: Gendo. (more of a non-answer)
YM: Kaworu.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard about Rebuild?
MG: Anno getting paid.
SS and TG: Getting paid.
YM: A happy ending but it hasn’t happened yet. I wasn’t happy with the EoE ending. Shinji and Kaworu married.

Q: How do you feel about the new direction that the movies have taen?
TG: Not sure yet.
MG: Hard to say.
SS: I agree with them.
JS: Not our role to decide, we follow the creator’s lead.
YM: I never knew how close Shinji and Kaworu were, didn’t realize they were such good friends.

Q: Does Asuka really like Shinji?
TG: Are you stupid?
YM: No.

Even Asuka’s JP voice actor ships Shinji with Kaworu and doesn’t like Asuka/Shinji.


yo, can you post some proof of this being a real interview?

I suppose you could say that there’s no real proof, i.e. no videos and it’s not from a trusted news source, but the guy who transcribed it was there and I’m inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope they’re not making shit up. It was actually a panel at a con, not a real interview, and I only copypasted the bits I found most relevant.

Non-humans like you walking amongst us… I must be getting warm.

That is quite a strong accusation you make, young lady, and an impolite one at that. Nonetheless, I thought I was doing a good job concealing my presence. I suppose age is a foe against which no man can fight.

There is no need for manners against non-humans.




Girl is speciesist as fuck

Blazblue story time


I know next to nothing about Bullet, like at all. So I’m glad to hear she has some Moments (I really wish I didn’t hate her character design quite so much though). The storyline for the new characters seemed kind of anemic (except Kagura) so some good character interaction might help :X

Ragna suffering is, as far as I can tell, the driving force behind the entire BlazBlue universe

(one Rachel is mostly enough for me, I think. Would have preferred less ~mysterious guy does mysterious mystery things~ in general for Amane tbh, even if the whole Tenjou thing didn’t pan out)

Unfortunately, Bullet is still kind of useless in the story. This is one of the problems with the game being a fighting game that wants to have a serious story: you’ve got to put more characters in each game while keeping the ones you have (even if they’re useless in the story), and ultimately the story yields to the fighting game. Celica gets more screentime than Bullet or Amane. Though they do make an effort—Bullet ties into Tager’s backstory and Amane does dispense some helpful advice (without insulting you).

I really hate her character design too. :[ I think she could’ve been a great design though. They just wanted to attempt dethroning Litchi from Boing Queen status while ALSO giving Bullet hot pants and weirdly shiny legs and a bared midriff. Too much going on! Her sprites look off too imo. But her story sprite is better at making her design less ridiculous to look at.

(at night I dream of Bullet with breeches and idec what people say I think she’d looks so much better)

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