Finished CT win quotes. Will do CS after I beat Assassin’s Creed 3.

Deciphering Arakune’s garbled text in Calamity Trigger arcade MORE LIKE JUST KILL ME NOW

I can’t find like 95% of my Persona 2 screencaps and gifs.


R I P I should play IS again someday but I did SO MUCH grinding I’m not sure I want to touch it for another 6 years.

  • me: (has a huge pile of games I haven't played yet)
  • me: (buys more games)
  • me: (replays pokemon)

The new FF15 trailer opens with the characters trying to avoid what looks like an Adamantortoise.

I am SO ready for more Adamantortoise slaying. FF13 only whet my appetite.


this is social anxiety summed up in two gifs

I think I’ve reblogged this before but it’s so accurate it blows my mind

I cancelled lunch plans for today and yeah “like heroin” is a good description for the feeling

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After about five months (four months of me doing fuck all), I finished the win quote sfor CP. All 676 of them.

I was looking up info on the branches of the NOL for the distinction between the Praetorian Guard and the Ars Magi divisions and Jin says the Wings of Justice move in groups. Talking with Infiny made me realize wow there’s something really off here

The Wings of Justice move in groups. Tsubaki is sent to Kagutsuchi alone.

What’s wrong with these two statements?

Which I guess is just another problem with BB and it not thinking things through. Yes I know there is a perfectly plausible reason for why Tsubaki is sent to Kagutsuchi alone and that she’s only valuable because of Izayoi, but she should be questioning things! “Why am I going alone to kill two soldiers, both of whom are members of the Praetorian Guard? Why is the Imperator sending me to do this?” on top of OMG I’M BEING SENT TO KILL NOEL AND JIN-NIISAMA.

I can sort of accept Noel not questioning shit in CT because I think she is legitimately stupid and lacks common sense, but Tsubaki should be smarter than this kind of thing.

BB has a problem with thinking things through.

I like seeing characters I love suffer.

I also like seeing characters I hate suffer.

Suffering for all.

why is it not Kuramon ;_;


why is it not Kuramon ;_;

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