baby kitty scientist for you

I can’t figure out what the fuck Arakune is saying in CS arcade mode sometimes and this is extremely frustrating when you’re trying to type up WHAT the characters are saying

Probably one of the only reasons I’ve bothered to invest so much time in Disgaea D2 is because of female Laharl. His design is just so much more appealing to me as a woman’s. Embarrassing


the feeling of wanting to play video games but feeling too lazy to do anything so you just lay down and surf the internet

Added arcade CGs to Mu’s arcade transcript as a test, but…not sure if it looks good. I forced the image to display at half its original resolution (original resolution is 1280x608, I made it show at 640x304). Maybe I should do 3/4? Or just leave the image untouched under a cut? Or not bother at all? Decisions, decisions.

Anonymous asked: It should be noted that the person's browser will still have to load the image in all its full-size glory even if you specify the image to appear smaller, so if the image is super huge you might want to resize it in a program first before uploading so it doesn't kill anyone's browser.

The pictures are big, but mostly wide and irritate me when they stretch the page. Most of them are not page-killing, fortunately. (Largest one is 2048 pixels wide, but the rest are 1280 x 500-800 pixels.) I’d probably resize the largest ones, or put them under cuts.

Anonymous asked: There's no real internal image hosting service on Dreamwidth yet. You need to upload images to another site like photobucket, etc., then embed them into your post with the <img src="url"> html. You can add width="#px" to the img html to specify a specific display width, then someone can open the image in a new tab to view its true size.

Yeah, I was using photobucket and embedding them but I didn’t know how to force them to display at a certain size. AWESOME, this was just what I was looking for. Thanks!

Is there a way to post a smaller picture that links to a larger version of the picture in a normal post on Dreamwidth? OR make a picture expandable? I have some pictures I would like to put in, but they’re pretty big. I’m a dumbass at this.

And when I say big, I mean they stretch the page.

BBCP arcade mode transcriptions are done, though I’m debating adding the ending CGs to the ending bits. I’ll try to finish win quotes next week.


Vietnamese Mossy Frog

They are known to be ventriloquists, as they can “throw” their voices. To complete its disguise as inanimate vegetation, it tucks in its limbs and “plays dead” when startled. As you can see from photos, no two mossy frogs ever look exactly the same.


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